THE CLAZZAX: Great Melodies, Great Beat!
It's Totally Irreverant

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Beethoven with a Backbeat, Classical Music with Attitude!


"Bluefield adds a touch of 20th Century technology using instruments not yet invented when the pieces were originally composed... superb!"

Boston Post-Gazette

David Bluefield: Award-winning songwriter & producer, former Warner Bros. recording artist, and keyboardist for Three-Dog Night, Paul Anka, Stevie Nicks, and Steven Spielberg presents... The Rhythm & Bluefield Band performing The Clazzax.

THE CLAZZAX is a triple "concept" recording series that repopularizes famous timeless melodies in 90's instruments, rhythms and styles with three full hours of original upbeat arrangements on CD/Cassette. By utilizing the saxophone, electric bass and guitar, electronic keyboards and modern drums, The Clazzax brings works from the likes of Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Chopin, among others, into the LIGHT of the 21st CENTURY.

By combining these modern instruments and rhythms with the traditional acoustic ones (piano, guitar, fiddle, flute, and trumpet), the RHYTHM & BLUEFIELD BAND has fashioned a "fun" way to EDUCATE anyone with an appreciation of music to the great melodies of the classical era.



because the feelings that inspired both the composer and the listener remain constant throughout time.

These timeless melodies, so popular in past centuries, are revitalized with the addition of modern instruments in jazzy rhythm & blues arrangements.

The Clazzax interprets music from The Romantic Period (1790's-1890's). The significance of this era was that man, for the first time, viewed himself as an INDIVIDUAL. The Church vs. State political upheavals, beginning with the French Revolution, continued on the European continent with the Nationalistic revolutions of 1848.

The philosophers of the time were embracing science and theory of evolution, and music was now seen as a medium for EXPRESSING man's inner moods and feelings.The melodies of these great impassioned works are as alive and well today, in a new suit of clothes, as they were 150 years ago because... a beautiful melody lasts forever!

The Clazzax' renditions of the most popular music of its time are all dressed up in the sounds of the 90's! LET 'ER R.I.P!

Tremblin' headstone Let'er R.I.P.

Ludwig with headband and earing blowin' the sax Perhaps this project will arouse your curiousities to wonder what it would have been like, if only Beethoven and his contemporaries had a saxophone and electronics to work with. Think of the possibilities then, and imagine the advances in store for music lovers in the next 150 years!

I selected my favorite classical melodies and then adapted them to work with my current favorite rhythm patterns. I have always loved strong melody, a solid groove, and a great blues shuffle. D. Bluefield with a magic sparkler baton

David Bluefield

Ludwig wearing an earing blowin'the sax
AnIRREVERENTspin on timeless classical melodies
with a jazzy R & B attitude

One of the best drummers in the business, Steve Ivey (house drummer for world-acclaimed E-Town radio show) teams up with bassist extraordinaire Kirwan Brown (nominated for Best Album and Best Contemporary Jazz Albums of the year 1995) to provide "steamroller" motion to the time-tested beautiful melodies...

Pre-Release Quote

"Flawless musicanship. Wholly irreverant.
David comes up with the best of the series."


Bluefield with a magic sparkler baton

has the "legends" rolling over in their graves.


List of Album Selections

1. Marche Slave... Tchaikovsky
2. Moonlight Sonata... Beethoven
3. Dance of the Hours (Camp Granada)... Ponchielli
4. Alegretto 1st Symph.... Brahms
5. Humoresque... Dvorzak
6. Symph. #40,Gmin.... Mozart
7. American Patrol... Meacham
8. Volga Boat Song... Traditional
9. Morning... Grieg
10. Funeral for a Marionette (Hitchcock Theme)... Gournod
11. Over the Waves (Flying Trapeze)... Rosas
12. Prelude in C min.... Rachmaninoff

Significant events from the
Romantic Era to Present (1790's to 1990's)
that helped to shape and influence
The Clazzax' sense of fun and humor!

Tremblin' headstone Let 'er R.I.P.

1776 American Revolution
Ludwig V. Beethoven, Ger. (6 years)
Mozart, Austria (20 years)
1809 Abraham Lincoln, (b.) U.S.
Charles Darwin, (b.) Eng
Disappearance of Mens' pig-tails
1810 P.T. Barnum (b.) U.S.
Frederick Chopin, (b.) Pol.
Robert Schumann (b.) Ger.
Franz Liszt (1 yr.) Hungary
1814 Francis Scott Key pens National Anthem
"Waltz" gains popularity
Richard Wagner (1 year) Ger.
1818 Charles Gournod (b.) Paris
1833 Johannes Brahms, (b.) Ger.
A. Ponchielli (b.) Italy
Alexander Borodin (b.) St. Petersburg, Russia
1840 Peter I. Tchaikovsky, (b.) Rus.
Abner Doubleday invents Baseball
Anton Dvorzak, (b) Prauge
1843 Edvard Grieg, (b.) Nor.
Norway develops "Skiing"
World's first night club in Paris; "Le Bal des Anglais"
1846 Adolfe Sax, Bel., patents Saxophone
"Daily News" first newspaper ; Charles Dickens editor
Gabriel Faure (1 yr.) France
1848 Revolts in Europe; France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy
1854 Steinway opens piano factory
John Phillip Sousa (b.),U.S.
1859 Darwin's "Origin of the Species"
Giacomo Puccini, (b.) Italy
1862 Claude Debussy (b.) Fr.
1868 Guventino Rosas (b.) Spain
1873 Sergei Rachmaninoff (b.) Russia
1876 Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone
1877 Thomas Alva Edison invents phonograph
1879 Albert Einstein (b.); Ger.
First microphone (D.Hughes)
1881 Edison patents electric light
Bingo developed in Italy
"Billy the Kid" captured
Hector Villa-Lobos (b.), Brazil
1888 Celluloid film
Eastman perfects Kodak
1st beauty contest in Belgium
1899 First magnetic recording
Duke Ellington (b.) U.S.
1900 Louis Armstrong (b.) U.S.
Ragtime Jazz popular
Picasso's Blue Period
1903 Wright Bros. first flight
First Baseball World Series
1905 Einstein's Theory of Relativity
1927 Babe Ruth hits 60 Homers
Jazz drum "trap" set popular
1935 Elvis Presley (b.) U.S.
First electric guitar (Leo Fender)
1939 Films: "Wizard of Oz", "Fantasia", "Gone with the Wind"
Big Band Era flourishes
1945 First electronic synthesizer; first computer
1965 "Beatles" hit big
Gene Roddenberry creates "Star Trek"
UCLA wins 2nd of 11 Hoop titles
1969 Woodstock Festival with Jimi Hendrix
First Man on Moon-Neil Armstrong
M.I.D.I. (musical instrument digital interface) one controller plays many sounds
1988 Kirk Gibson's homer ('88 World Series)
Apple "Macintosh" P.C. popular
2000 Next?????


David Bluefield... Keyboards

L.A. native,Warner Bros. Recording artist w/ Kindred, played w/ 3-Dog Night, Stevie Nicks, Paul Anka, played synth for Steven Spielberg in "Close Encounters", won a Clio, grand-prize at Yamaha World Popular Song Festival. Creator and concept of THE CLAZZAX

Chris Bank... Sax

Chicago area native, recorded all 3 Clazzax albums with fine improvisations and tone ; instrumental in developing the CLAZZAX concept, has performed with the likes of Kenny Loggins, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Buffett, Glenn Frey.

Howard Arthur... Guitars

Twin Cities boy with credits ranging from Bob Hope, John Denver, to Buddy Miles.Recorded solo album "Love is Hell" at Prince's studio in Minn., is an excellant versatile musician with a facile command over many musical styles; from jazz, to funk, to blues, to the banjo. To order "Love is Hell" call 970-925-5222.

Bryan Savage... Flute (Courtesy of Elation Artists)

A great sax and flute soloist from the Kansas City area, called "the saxiest blower in the business", he has recorded 3 Solo albums for Elation Artists, "Bryan Savage", "Saxafaction" and "Night Fire" (call 303 973-8291) his credits include Al Stewart, Santana, Glenn Frey, Steve Martin' s hit"King Tut".

Tim Fox... Trumpet

Excellant jazz soloist hailing from Wisconsin, a former winner of Outstanding Soloist Award (Emhurst College Jazz Festival), has played for The Four Tops, Temptations, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

Kirwan Brown... Bass (Courtesy of Fahrenheit Records)

An Air Force "brat" who has become one of the top in-demand bassists in Col. and California, his own album "Cool Grooves""was nominated in 2 categories for a Grammy in 1994" Best Album" and "Best Contemporary Jazz ."

Steve Ivey... Drums ("Rolling Over")

One of the finest drummers anywhere, great "feel" and a joy to work with; immense credits include Bonnie Rait, James Taylor, Bruce Hornsby, Nelson Rangell and the world acclaimed Boulder based national radio show E-Town.


Scott Singer... Engineer/Mixdown @ Room with No View; L.A.

Scott has worked with every major label and artist of the era (Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Air Supply, Mr. Mister, Don Was, The Jets, Natalie Cole to name a few.)

David Bluefield... Producer/Arranger/Composer/Engineer; Aspen

Ron McMaster... Mastering (Capitol Records, L.A.)

Ron has mastered so many records you lose count... just recently mastered REAL LOVE by THE BEATLES!?

Larry Cox... Mix-Fixes; Rocket Ranch, Encino

Larry's a good ol' boy from Texas and has 2 of the best "ears" in the biz from producing the JEFFERSON STARSHIP.

Bret Cook... Graphic design.

Bret created the logo of Ludwig playing the sax. Air brushes custom tee-shirts in Aspen. Bret is an expert in all medium. 970-927-3979

Dan Sadowsky... (Flying Color) Graphics assembly.

Helped to develop the artwork and images for the entire ClAZZAX series. He hosts the annual Bluegrass Festival in Telluride, Co. and he can be contacted at.


Tom Hills... Drums ("ReClassified")

Tom ( from Michigan) also played percussion on Clazzax 1;Clazzual Sax. He was most helpful in pursuing the concept. He plays in The Network Band with David in Aspen and teaches the 4rth grade during the days.

Steve Cole... Clarinet

Aspen local D-Jay with KSPN, plays sax, clarinet, also in The Network Band in Aspen. Originally from Des Moines, Steve provides the "DJ"voice for the 2 min. excerpt tape at 800 7 MUSIC M.

Bill Capps... Cello ("ReClassified")

Wilson "Tudie" Calderon... Percussion ("Rolling Over")

Another L.A. native played for Ritchie Cole, Tim Fogelberg, and Freddie Hubbard.

Paul Kuhn - Fiddle ("Rolling Over")

Paul is from Milwaukee and while his main instrument is the electric violin, he has invented the Cellocaster! (a stringed instrument that can be both bowed and strummed) 970-920-2280

Bernie Mysior... Bass ("Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy" #2, "Humoresque"#3)

A great bassist now in the food business (Boogie's Diner Aspen, Co) was a member of Kindred (WB) with David in the early 70's, played for Tim Buckley, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Fleetwood Mac.

Steve Saylor... Mandolin ("Icht Grolle Nicht")

A very versatile instrumentalist (guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin) Steve also writes scripts and has one pending with Bette Midler.

Ken Dore... Harmonica ("Humoresque")

Guy Bacon... Classical Guitar (Villa Lobos#2)

Sheldon Gomberg... Electric rhythm guitar (Funeral for a Marionette #3)


HARVEY COOPER... co-ordinating marketing effort
MICHAEL MORYC... positive feedback in the early stages of the concept
HOWARD WOLF... first suggested the idea of a collection
ANDREA CLEARFIELD... classical music consultant
RANDALL DAVIS... best publicity fromThe Creative Service Company
MARTY RODGERS... writing partner for 12 GREAT years
DOUG KONECKY... co-writer THE PERFECT PITCH (Rhythm & Bluesical)
POT LUCK... garage band in the late 60''s in L.A. (Gary, Peter, Ronso)
HELENE MIRICH... piano teacher who taught me "chord" method
PATTY LECHT... very encouraging and supportive partner
THE PEARLSTEINS... my family (Leo, Helen, Howard & Danuta, Frank, Cathie, Jennifer, Jacqueline) cousin Dorie Leo

OPCODE SYSTEMS... for developing VISION midi systems
YAMAHA DISCLAVIER... for the diskclavier
KURZWEIL... for the first good sounding digital grand piano
MACINTOSH MIDI... what a great writing tool